Core Aeration Service in Winnipeg - only $55 Lawn Aeration

Winnipeg Aeration Service - Only $65

Lawn Aeration in Winnipeg. Core Aeration Service

Benefit of Aeration

Aeration is one of the most over-looked and best-kept secrets among Lawn Care Services, and tends to go unnoticed because there is no "wow affect" once it's completed. but having a beautiful lawn is directly correlated to a healthy and vast root system beneath it. An Aeration Service in Winnipeg especially can be important due to our dense clay based soil which compacts a lot more than regular black soil. 

Worrying about fertilizer, or spreading new seed before you have paid attention to your soil quality and density, is like trying to repair the engine in your vehicle by filling it with a tank of Premium Gas and hoping "it fixes the problem". 

How Does Aeration Work?

It is an invaluable step that addresses the most common cause of mediocre or floundering lawns....The Root system and Soil Compaction

Think of it this way, "Shallow Roots, Poor Lawn",. ...... "Deeper Roots, Healthier Lawn". Simple right. Compare it to a flower garden. It's common knowledge that if you pack to many flowers or plants into a small area, they compete for water because the roots are to cramp, they can't grow an expanding root system, therefore they fail. The same applies to all the blades of grass in your lawn.

Over time your soil tends to settle, compact and harden. This is exceeding true here in the Winnipeg area where our soil is predominantly made of dense clay. As the soil packs and becomes more dense, nutrients stop being absorbed, water is kept from soaking in and starts to pool and those two vital ingredients stop reaching your lawns root system, and the lawn begins to fail. 

Benefits of Core Aeration Service in Winnipeg. Lawn Aeration helps soil density.

Affects of Aeration

Aeration relieves the compaction in your lawns soil by pulling 2"-3" deep cores from the ground which allows your soil to expand and soften. Once this is the case then nutrients and water can penetrate the root system, and your roots have room to grow in the now less densely packed soil. Restoring this healthy environment allows nature, new seed and fertilizer to do it's job.

What Does Aeration Improve?

  1. Water Uptake: Loosely packed soil allows water to seep deeper into the ground to where the roots can absorb it. 
  2. Over-Seeding Effectiveness: It allows the seed to naturally fall into the holes you created causing direct seed-to-soil contact allowing it to germinate and grow more easily.
  3. Root Expansion: Loosely packed soil allows the roots to grow deeper, longer and wider without being impeded.
  4. Fertilization Effectiveness: Increases the fertilizers ability to reach the root system where it can be absorbed and do it's job properly.
  5. Oxygen Exchange: Through osmosis, oxygen can now cycle better from ground to atmosphere and back again, which is the core growing ingredient of all living things. 

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Top Dressing and Over Seeding in Winnipeg. Winnipeg Lawn Care Company providing Spring Lawn Care.

Top Dressing and Over-seeding

Once you have pulled the cores from your lawn allowing the soil to expand and breath and enjoy all the benefits of the above processes, you need to think about SOIL QUALITY.. Having soil that is full of nutrients and organic matter to break down as food for your lawn is crucial.

Top Dressing Service is the process of adding high quality mixed Black Soil that contains Peat, Compost and Sand to your lawn. 

  1. Black Soil: contains the necessary nutrients, 
  2. Peat: keeps the soil light,, 
  3. Sand: provides natural drainage., 
  4. Compost: is the fertilization boost to get things growing. 

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