Fall Cleanups in WinnIpeg

Winnipeg Fall Cleanups - Boutique Lawn Care Service

Fall leaf cleanups in Winnipeg have been made easier than ever with our 3 Levels of Service approach to bringing you the lawn care service YOU need for YOUR home. With our Boutique Service Approach we have 3 Fall Lawn Care Packages to pick from that are customized to fit your needs. Front simply cleaning up the front yard, to full property service complete with Aeration, Over-Seeding and Winter Fertilization Prep, we have it all here with our one stop shop approach to provide our clients with a custom designed package to fit the level of cleanup your home needs! 

Tired of Phoning Multiple Companies for services and prices? NOT with us!

  • We are a one stop shop for the level of service you need broken down into packages with prices you can see and understand,
  • Research, send a request and get an appointment all from the tips of your fingers on your mobile device, tablet or laptop with our online platform. No missed calls or waiting on hold. Communication back and forth when it's convenient for you!

Lawn Care in Winnipeg Made Easier Than ever!

Why Choose Us for Your Property Cleanup?

  1. Customized Service Packaging to fit YOUR property,
  2. Interactive Online Communication for scheduling and payment,
  3. Professional and Uniformed Staff,
  4. Timely and Reliable Results.


Fall Cleanups In Winnipeg

Basic Fall Cleanup

Winnipeg Property Cleanups. Fall cleanups in winnipeg.

  • Beds connected to the front of the home are blown clean of debris. 
  • Leaves on front and back lawn are mulched, collected and bagged.
  • Final Mow of the Season.
  • Bags are left for city pickup.

Starting at only $145

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Enhanced Fall Cleanup

Fall Cleanups in Winnipeg. Winnipeg lawn care company

  • Includes all advantages of Basic Service. 
  • All Beds connected to the back of the home are blown clean of debris and leaves.
  • Decks, Patios and Front Parking Pads are blown clean.
  • Bags are left for city pickup.
  • Includes Aeration

Starting at only $199

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Complete Fall Maintenance

Fall Cleanup in Winnipeg. Property Cleanup company. Winnipeg lawn care.

  • Includes all advantages of Enhanced Service.
  • All backyard perimeter beds are blown clean of leaves.
  • All leaves are Lawn Vacuumed for a Premium Clean Finish. 
  • Bags are hauled away.
  • Includes Aeration
  • Includes Over-Seeding
  • Includes Fertilization

Starting at $299

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Core Aeration Service - $55

Aeration Service in Winnipeg - Fall Maintenance


Top Dressing Service


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We have a Fall Cleanup Package for each and every customer! That's the Lawn Care Solution!