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Power Raking SErvices in Winnipeg

Basic Winnipeg Power Raking

Power Raking in Winnipeg. Lawn Care in Winnipeg. Lawn Care company with power raking and aeration.

Basic Power Raking will  remove the built up thatch and winter debris, clean up your lawn and get it ready for summer!

Basic Power Raking includes:

  1. Power Rake the Front and Back Lawn.
  2. Thatch and debris is collected and bagged.
  3. All beds connected to the front of the home are blown clean.
  4. First Mowing Service of the Season.
  5. Lawn Bags are left for city pickup.

Basic Spring Power Raking in Winnipeg - Starting at $129

**Prices Based on 4,000 sq/ft property**

Enhanced Spring Lawn Care

Lawn Care in Winnipeg. Lawn Aeration SErvice in winnipeg with spring cleanups and power raking turf.

Our Enhanced Spring Cleanup will dedicate more time to your backyard, cleaning beds and outdoor living areas as well as Aerate and Fertilize to supercharge your lawns growth!

Enhanced includes all the advantages of Basic Power Raking, PLUS:

  1. Beds connected to the back of your home are blown clean.
  2. Decks, Patios and Sitting Areas are blown clean of loose debris.
  3. Includes Aeration
  4. Includes Fertilization.
  5. Lawn Bags are left for city pickup.

Enhanced Spring Cleanup in Winnipeg - Starting at $189

**Prices Based on 4,000 sq/ft property**

Complete Spring Cleanup

Lawn care in Winnipeg. Winnipeg power raking service. Lawn Aeration Service with fertilization.

Our Complete Spring Cleanup is thorough and complete. Your entire property is cleaned, prepped and all debris is hauled away.

Complete includes all the advantages of Enhanced Spring Cleanup, PLUS:

  1. Backyard perimeter beds are blown clean.
  2. Street Gutters are cleaned of Sand and Debris.
  3. Includes Power Edging of Cement Driveways/Walkways.
  4. Includes Over-Seeding.
  5. Lawn Bags are removed from your property and hauled away.

Complete Spring Cleanup in Winnipeg - Starting at $295

**Prices Based on 4,000 sq/ft property**

Top Dressing PLUS

Lawn care in Winnipeg. Top Dressing Service Winnipeg. Spring Cleanups in winnipeg. Winnipeg lawn.

A better lawn requires Soil Enhancement to be it's best. Our Premium Spring Lawn Care Service in Winnipeg focus on your lawns health from the ground up. 

Our Top Dressing PLUS Service includes:

  1. Basic Power Raking Service
  2. Core Aeration
  3. Organic Top Dressing
  4. Over Seeding
  5. Fertilization

Starting at only $389

**Price based on 4,000 sq/ft property**

Lawn Aeration PLUS

Lawn Aeration Winnipeg. Winnipeg Lawn Care Company.

We recommend annual Core Aeration Service combined with Over-Seeding and Fertilization to create a thicker and thriving lawn.

Our Aeration PLUS Service includes:

  1. Core Aeration
  2. Over Seeding
  3. Fertilization

Starting at only $125

**Price based on 4,000 sq/ft property**

Lawn Aeration Service in Winnipeg

Lawn Care in Winnipeg - Aeration Plus

We recommend annual Core Aeration Service combined with Over-Seeding and Fertilization to create a thicker and thriving lawn year after year!

Our Aeration PLUS Service includes:

  • Core Aeration
  • Over-Seeding
  • Fertilization

Click below to book our Aeration PLUS Service, starting at only $125

Why Should We Be Your Choice For Sod Installation in Winnipeg?

  1. Professional Sod and Turf Knowledge
  2. Leading Customer Service
  3. Open and Personal Communication
  4. Commitment to Exceptional Results
  5. Professional, Uniformed and Personable Staff

Imagine Lawns & Landscaping Ltd.......Exceeding Expectations

Sod InstallatioN in Winnipeg - Landscaping Projects

Sod Installation in Winnipeg. Winnipeg Landscaping consultant. residential and commercial landscape.

Winnipeg Sod Installation Service

Reserve your appointment for a free landscaping quote to revitalize your yard, create a luxurious design for your home and boost your property value with new sod and landscaping design. 

We specialize in developing new home builds from scratch to get you a designer landscape on time and on budget!. We work with you from start to finish of every project and consistently provide a consistently professional and reliable sod installation service in Winnipeg. We pride ourselves on delivering only the best results for every sod installation or landscaping project in Winnipeg. 

Getting you a new lawn in Winnipeg is a big investment and making sure you pick the right company with the knowledge and expertise to ensure your getting what you pay for is paramount. 

We provide a Boutique Landscaping Service which means we work closely with our customers in an interactive system of communication to ensure the client is taken care of, all details are finalized and approved, and this communication can happen around the clock. 

Winnipeg Landscaping Company. Winnipeg Sod Installation. Sod and Boulders, Granite Rock.

Boutique Landscaping In Winnipeg

We are a full service landscaping company in Winnipeg offering an interactive approach with our clients from the initial consultation, through design, all the way to completion for a professional result each and ever time.

Our process of constant communication through every step is a Boutique Service Approach to offering landscaping service in Winnipeg. A client wants to invest money in their property and wants to feel informed, taken care of, and that the company is making themselves available to communicate about details, time line, materials and equipment. 

Whether installing new sod, creating a splash of color with perennials and mulch, or simply removing the old turf to for a maintenance free patio, we will work with you to create a usable outdoor living space for the kids, BBQ's or retirement living!

We deliver a high level of customer satisfaction with our relentless commitment to customer service. 

Winnipeg Landscape Design Made Easy!

Winnipeg Landscaping. Backyard Renovations in Winnipeg. Sod Winnipeg with rocks and mulch.

Backyard Sod Installation & Landscaping in Winnipeg

Want a backyard  makeover?

We start with a free consultation and get you on your way to removing the patchy grass,  dig out that over grown and unsightly corner and bring your yard to life with new sod  and landscaping design ideas! 

Want to do a bit extra this year? Connect a new rock bed, get a splash of color with new mulch, or create a step stone walkway!

Get the Landscaped Yard You Want Now!

Landscaping in Winnipeg - New Development Homes - Sod Instal

Landscaping Company in Winnipeg. Sod and Landscaping Winnipeg.

Budget Friendly Character

Sod Installation  with Rock Border and Plants.

Small front yards to large suburban properties, we can design a project for you from the ground up including Rock Features, Sod Installation, Boulders, Mulch, Plants and Perennials!

Granite Boulders in winnipeg. Landscaping in Winnipeg.

Luxurious and High Design

Granite Boulder Features.

Landscaping in Winnipeg designed to enhance the size, features and curb appeal of every home! We focus on complimenting the shape, size and location of your property to maximize the features your property offers..

Landscaping in Winnipeg. Sod Installation in Winnipeg.

Simple and Clean

Sod Installation with a Rock Outline.

Basic Landscaping in Winnipeg that's kept beautiful and on budget!

We work with our clients from start to finish taking into account budget, materials, design and logistics to ensure the Winnipeg Landscaping Project turns out the way you desire with your budget in mind.

Why Clients Choose US As Their Winnipeg Landscaping Company

Lawn Care Made Easy

Getting what you want from your Winnipeg Landscaping Company should be easy and effortless. 

Whether you are at the lake, spending time with the kids or simply enjoying retirement, we make it easy to reach us, send emails, get answers quickly, or pay a balance online in just minutes.


Our payment platform is easy to use and fully integrated in our invoicing program. If you are tired of waiting to pay with cash, or hold on to a cheque, we have the answer!

Travelling, on the Golf Course or at the Cabin is no obstacle with our online features!

Lawn Care & Landscaping Made Easy!

Our Committment

We believe in building a strong relationship with our clients through dedication and attention to detail. 

Our service program is always based around our Customer Consultation to determine what it is our customer needs, wants to achieve and how to give them that at the budget they want to set. 


Lawn Care and Landscaping is not a cookie cutter service. Not every client wants the same service and we strive to create a program that offers every customer in Winnipeg a Lawn Care Service or Landscaping Design that fits what they want on their budget. 

Our focus on customer service is a Boutique Service Approach to providing Landscaping Design in Winnipeg. It is customer driven and satisfaction orientated and our goal is for it to be an industry leading solution to getting each and every customer what they want from THEIR Contractor!

Quality You Can Count On

We believe that  being proud of your home and property includes hiring a Winnipeg Lawn Care & Landscaping Company that take pride in their work and appearance. Our employees wear uniforms representing our company logo so there is no question you and your neighbors see a professional representative of our company arriving at your home and performing your service.


We ensure you understand your project and answer any question you have. Your satisfaction is our priority and we make ourselves available to ensure that. Our service is in a timely manner, with detail and precision, and at a budget friendly price.

A Winnipeg Landscaping Company That Puts Quality and Customers first.


Winnipeg Power Raking & Aeration Services

Power Raking & Spring Cleanups

Power Raking in Winnipeg. Winnipeg Power Raking Service, Spring Cleanups in Winnipeg.

We offer 3 Levels of  Power Raking and Spring Cleanup Service in Winnipeg to our clients providing Winnipeg Power Raking Services that are designed to offer a  Lawn Care Package for the exact services you need for your property!

Basic Power Raking Service

  • Power Rake Front and Back
  • First Mow of the Season

Enhanced Spring Cleanup

  • Adds Lawn Aeration and Fertilization

Complete Spring Lawn Care

  • Over-Seeding, Power Edging and Street Gutter Cleaning

Core Aeration Service

Winnipeg Core Aeration Service. Aeration Winnipeg helps with soil compaction and make lawns green.

Core Aeration pulls small cores from your lawn to correct overly compacted soil which happens over time. Here in Winnipeg we have a large clay content in our soil, which is prone to over compaction creating dense ground preventing lawns from flourishing. 

Winnipeg Aeration Service will help your lawn benefit from additional water, sunlight and nutrient uptake to create a thicker and greener lawn!

Recommended with Fertilization and Over-Seeding Service.

Fall Cleanups & Property Cleanups

Fall Cleanup Company. Fall cleanups in Winnipeg, leaf cleanup, property cleanup in Winnipeg.

We offer 3 Levels of Service for fall cleanups to our clients providing Winnipeg Fall Cleanups designed to fit the needs of your property!

Basic Fall Cleanup

Enhanced Fall Cleanup

Complete Fall Maintenance

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