Winnipeg Landscaping and Climate Zones

Understanding Perennials

Perennials vs Annuals

Winnipeg Perennials - Zone 3

Asiatic Lilies - Lawn and Garden Winnipeg

Asiatic Lilies


Asiatic Lilies are available in almost every color combination and are a hearty and easy to grow flower. When put in partial sun to full sun areas of your property they will flourish year after year.



 Delphiniums are a bold and stunningly bright with a vertical ascent. A wonderful addition along fence lines or around the outsides of your deck to add a touch of color. They can grow to a height of 5ft tall and are great for creating layers and colors around other ornamental bushes like Ninebark.

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Lupins come in a variety of colors and stunningly stay in bloom all summer long. They are easy to grow in a dry climates like the prairies and are an extremely hearty Zone 3 perennial.

Available in numerous varieties and can grow between 1-4ft tall. 

Winnipeg Perennials - Zone 3

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Daylilies are one of the most commonly found perennials as they come in every color and combination imaginable. They are extremely hearty for a Zone 3 perennial and have a very high survival rate. Keeping them bunched together as a feature in a planter or mildly separated from other bold flowers is a must as they tend to spread and require a bit more space than other perennials. 

Tulips in Garden - Winnipeg


Tulips can be found in almost every color and combination. The classic red and yellow are a staple of home-made bouquets everywhere. Early spring bloomers and nothing says spring just like a Tulip. 

Winnipeg Ornamental Grasses - Zone 3

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Karl Foerster Grass

blue oat grass. ornamental grasses in winnipeg. garden landscaping

Blue Oat Grass

ornamental grass landscaping in winnipeg

Switch Grass

Winnipeg Ornamental Shrubs - Zone 3


Annabella Hydrangea


Hydrangea’s are beautiful globe shaped flowering perennial with many varieties that can withstand our Zone 3 prairie winters. They are grown in partial sun for best results, but full sun is tolerable with consistent watering. They typically grow between 3-5ft tall and 3-6ft wide and the flower heads can be an amazing 12” in diameter when very mature. 


May Night Salvia


Blooming in late spring with deep purple-blue flowers and is an excellent perennial with outstanding cold hardiness, and tolerance to our Zone 3 Winters. It’s a great Manitoba perennial as it tolerates soils with a high clay content, common in the Winnipeg area. 

This purple perennial grows in a uniform shape of approximately 18-24” tall and wide.


Golden Flame Spirea


The Spirea is easy to plant and freely blooms every year and comes in many hearty Zone 3 varieties. They grow from 18” in height to almost any height desirable for a residential front or back yard depending on the area. They come in either a Spring Flowering or a Summer Flower version with the most popular being the “Gold Flame”, which blooms with dark pink flowers and golden orange leaves. 

They are a versatile perennial commonly used to punctuate a border or corner of a back yard or sidewalk archways. Great for coloring up a rock garden and they love full sun. 

Winnipeg Ornamental Shrubs - Zone 3


Little Devil Ninebark


Summer Wine Ninebark


Diablo Ninebark

Winnipeg Hearty Trees and Cedars - Zone 3

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Dakota Birch

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Skybound Cedars

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Green Ash

We Ensure You Are Getting The Right Plant For Our Zone 3 Winnipeg Climate!!

Trust and Integrity is on the line when a customer hires a Winnipeg Landscaping Company to install perennials and annuals in their garden or yard. Having the right plant or flower for our harsh Winnipeg Climate takes knowledge and experience.