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Snow Removal in Winnipeg. Snow blowing service Winnipeg for residential snow clearing.

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When snow falls in Winnipeg, you don't want to waste time calling multiple companies when you need help fast! 

Send us a message below and we will have a crew attend ASAP to clear your snow from sidewalks and driveways to get you on your family on your way fast!

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Winnipeg Snow Removal Pricing - On Demand Visit

Small Driveway and Walkway

(1 -2 Car - )$55

Medium Driveway and Walkway

(3-4 Car) - $65

Large Driveway and Walkway

(5 Car) - $75

Executive Properties

(5+ Car with Long Walkways) - $95

De-Icer Application

Walkways and Front Entrance - $20

Winnipeg snow removal for residential homes. Snow Removal company in winnipeg.

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Fast and friendly snow blowing service when you need it!

Our Winnipeg Snow Removal Services arein North Kildonan, East Kildonan, Transcona, Sage Creek, Southdale, Bonavista.

Winnipeg Snow Removal Packages - Residential Service

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Snow Removal FAQ's

When Do You Start Clearing Snow?

Our trigger depth to start clearing snow for our Monthly customers is a depth of 3cm once the snow has stopped falling. 

Snowfalls less than 3cm are typically insignificant to most Winnipeger's and vehicle traffic.

If you are a customer that requests weekly visits for de-icer applications and want an immaculate walkway cleared on a constant basis, tell us and we will create a program to fit your needs!

What Do You Do During A Large Snow Storm?

Our Storm Policy is any snowfall greater than 6" or 15cm will be considered a major storm. If 6" has fallen and there is no end in sight, we enact our Storm Policy and begin clearing snow to allow our clients to use their walkways and driveways to get to work, get the kids to school, ect. It's Stage 1 and meant to make your property functional to get you on your way. Once the snow has stopped falling,  we will return to finish the job!

How Often Do You Clean Wind Falls Left By Snow Plows?

Typically in Winnipeg the City Snow Plows will create Wind Falls approximately once a month on average over the course of a Winter, once major snow falls have occurred. Sign up for our Snow Plow Coverage and we will attend to clear Wind Falls once a month after City Snow Plows have finished their work!

We rarely encounter customers that experience this more than once a month. If you are on a major route, and experience this more often, there is an additional $20 Charge per visit. Just notify us when the plows have created one, and we will be back!. 

We Offer Snow Plow Coverage for $40 a month!

What Methods Do You Use To Clear Snow?

We use both Single Stage and 2 Stage Snow Blowers to ensure we deploy equipment to take care of any level of snow fall. 

For smaller snow falls of 10cm or less, we also deploy Gas Powered Sweepers and Leaf Blowers to tackle those lighter conditions.

We do not use any truck mounted snow plows that will damage your driveway or displace any paving stones.

Will I Know When Snow Removal Is Happening?

The answer is yes. Having snow on your property can cause major inconveniences and we notify our clients via Email during a snow storm to give updates on:

-Expected Timeline of the Snow Fall,

-Expected Depths of snow to fall,

-If Our Storm Policy will be In effect

-Anticipated Time of Snow Removal Service.

We believe in constant communication with our clients during a large snow fall so you can ensure your family can plan your schedule, get to work and have the kids at school during our harsh Winnipeg Winters

How Long Do You Take To Get To My House?

Typically we experience that all of our customers are taken care of within 7 hours at the end of a snow fall.

With a service like snow removal, after a large storm, everybody wants to be first, and as a service provider we want to provide every client with the best and fastest service available, when you need it. 

Logistically, everybody cannot be first and we make all attempts to let our clients know where they are in relation to our route and the expected arrival time.

We have found clients understand routes are created and snow removal is done in a systematic pattern where houses are grouped by area, one to the next.

Snow Removal Winnipeg - Service Areas

North Winnipeg Snow Removal

North Kildonan, East Kildonan

East Winnipeg Snow Removal

Transcona, Mission Gardens, Devonshire Village, Waterside Estates, Harborview South

South Winnipeg Snow Removal

St.Boniface, Southland Park, Windsor Park, Sage Creek, Bonavista, Royal Wood, Island Lakes, St.Vital, Old St.Vital

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