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Sod Installation in Winnipeg

Sod Installation Service in Winnipeg

At Imagine Lawns & Landscaping Ltd. we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality and most vibrant Sod in Winnipeg which we make happen through our dedication to Sod Installation protocols which we follow to a tee each and every time. We want to create exciting and beautiful outdoor living spaces based using unique and personal design features with a variety of landscaping materials. 

The 5 things we want to identify during our estimate and consultation period:

  1. Budget
  2. Scope and Logistics
  3. Timeline
  4. Materials
  5. Ideas and Vision

We believe it is crucial to be full and upfront with our clients on their project so they feel informed and fully integrated in their project from start to finish.

All of our sod installations are based around our 5 Stage Project System where we take the above 5 factors and work together with our clients to plan, build and create the outdoor living spaces you want. 

Boutique Service Approach

Our approach to providing our clients with the end results they want is based around an interactive approach to design and planning. 

Landscaping projects can be a large investment and clients want to feel taken care of, their ideas are incorporated and that they are completely satisfied that their property is in good hands when they commit to beginning a project. This is achieved through constant communication at every stage of planning, design and installation.

We communicate with our customers on a constant basis leading up to and during the installation process in relation to materials, timeline and blueprint layouts.

Whether planning simply a sod renovation or a top to bottom landscaping design build for a new home, we can take care of you from start to finish with an interactive and personalized planning process.

Contact us for a free estimate today and feel comfortable that your ideas and visions for your property will be brought to life!

Sod Installation Company in Winnipeg serving the Winnipeg Area with landscaping services.

Winnipeg Sod Installation Company

Knowledge That Delivers Quality

Many Winnipeg Landscape Companies spread soil, lay down some sod and then tell you to water your lawn...But is that really enough?...Should that be worth paying top dollar for?

At Imagine Lawns & Landscaping Ltd. we base our projects and expertise around being a Professional Sod Installation Company in Winnipeg because we deliver knowledge, attention to detail and education to our customers on the installation, materials and maintenance of what their purchasing. As a client you should expect nothing less.

If sod is not laid perfectly, or maintained correctly, it will not survive and you will have wasted your money. Choosing a Winnipeg Landscape Company that can provide the education and installation to ensure your sod survives is paramount when investing in your property and installing a new lawn with quality Winnipeg sod and landscape materials.

The difference between a successful sod installation that lives and flourishes for years to come, and a failed sod installation that will quickly parish can be difficult to see if the company doing the work doesn't explain it to you.

Our expertise begins with our Customer Consultation Phase where we ensure you understand the steps of your project, the materials for each phase, as well as how they need to be utilized to create a successful sod installation. 

Ensuring you have the proper base with the appropriate type and depth of soil is crucial for sod to thrive once it's laid. Ensuring the joins of the sod are painstaking checked for cracks as well as smoothing out any humps or filling any ruts are required steps, not a waste of time. 

We ensure our customers only receive freshly cut sod from that morning, delivered straight from the farm to your front door, and installed that day. We use and install both Peat and Mineral Soil Sod which creates a luxurious and professional look  over the square footage of your yard. 

Our customer satisfaction is paramount and we are proud of our Winnipeg Sod Installation and we expect to provide a finished product that our customers are proud to have.

Check out our reviews on Google to see for yourself, and choose the company that delivers results, every time. Call us today or send us your information on our site for a free consultation!

Quality Matters

We believe that no effort is to much for us to ensure we provide the best sod installation service in the city.

To many companies get their sod from a local nursery or landscaping depot where it's been sitting on a pallet for a few days drying out, and then a landscaper throws down half ripped pieces without checking them, AND the company charges you top dollar.

Not with us.

Your fresh cut sod, from that morning, is delivered to your door straight from the suppliers fields.

We ensure the prep work is done so when the sod arrives it can be laid while it's still moist and vibrant. Pieces that are thinning or frayed are put aside and  only the best pieces are used to create your new lawn. 

Click below and read out about our customer service model and how we provide a premium result that both us and every client can be proud to have.

Sod in Winnipeg - Installation Protocols

Sod in Winnipeg. Winnipeg sod installation at it's finest with premium soil, fertilizer and prep.

Quality Sod Installation in Winnipeg

Laying sod requires taking the right steps during preparation of the soil, determining the grade and smoothing your final surface to eliminate any humps or valleys prior to rolling out the first roll of sod. 

Sod in Winnipeg. Winnipeg Sod Installation Service with premium sod winnipeg landacping.

Day of Winnipeg Sod Installation

Sod is installed the day it is harvested and delivered to your front door. Once installation is complete we recommend bi-daily watering for a minimum  of 20 minutes morning and night. If temperatures are hotter than 20 above, upwards of 30 minutes of watering a day for your lawn is required for your new grass to grow and thrive during it's infancy stages of transplantation. 

Sod Winnipeg. Landscaping in Winnipeg Sod Installation Service. Soil, mulch, grading and landscaping

3 Weeks after Winnipeg Sod Installation

Once bi-daily watering has taken place for 2-3 weeks, your new sod has begun to grow and root and is becoming established turf and will be ready for it's first mowing!

Sod Installation in Winnipeg

Winnipeg Sod Installation. Landscaping in Winnipeg with Sod.

Plan Ahead

Making sure the prep work is done before your sod arrives is paramount to a successful sod installation. The old turf has to be removed, the appropriate amount of soil needs to be laid, graded and then rolled to create a flat surface. 

A Winnipeg Landscaper should have their prep work done or nearly completed when your sod arrives so it is moist and vibrant when it's laid to maximize moisture retention.

Determine Your Grade

Our landscapers focus on determining the grade of your yard which is important to  fix any negative drainage issues to ensure rain and moisture runs away from buildings and structures. 

Excavating down or building up with soil could be necessary to correct any areas draining towards your home.

Knowing Your Logistics

Sod arrives from the suppliers on pallets that contain 70 rolls (700 square feet) of sod. On average it takes an installer approximately 2 hours to lay 700 square feet of sod, which does not include periodic watering on hot days, and cutting  the edges around driveways and sidewalks. Planning how low it will take to lay the sod for your yard is key to planning your delivery appropriately to avoid any unnecessary exposure to the heat.

For large projects in Winnipeg, requiring  3,000 sq/ft of sod or more, multiple deliveries could be required to ensure your sod is not exposed to prolonged periods of the summer heat while it's sitting on a pallet, waiting to be installed. 

Many projects will also contain deliveries for rocks, mulch, boulders and perennials, all of which have to be organized and accounted for around your sod installation. Your landscaper should be able to discuss with you the stages of installation so you feel comfortable with their level of organization and efficiency. We focus on our consultation phase so every customer knows the steps and stages to their project so they can assure their sod arrives on time, when it's suppose to, and the Landscaping Crew is ready to receive it. 

Preparing The Soil

Premium quality top soil is necessary to give your new sod the base it needs to thrive and flourish. Ensuring you have 2"-3" of high quality top soil is required to achieve this. The soil must be loosely packed so it's flat, flush, but not to dense. Soil that is packed to densely will not allow the roots of the sod to penetrate the ground properly. Getting this step wrong can derail a successful installation and choosing a Winnipeg Landscaping Company that takes this into consideration is paramount.

Top quality top soil contains high amounts of Peat Moss which is the organic base necessary to provide nutrients and it retains more moisture than just soil. Most residential sod installations are done with Peat Sod, which means your grass was grown in a predominantly Peat Moss base. Transplanting your sod into a similar environment is crucial for transplant survival. 

Rolling and Smoothing The Soil

Making sure your soil is rolled prior to installation is key. Over compaction will create a layer to dense for your sod roots to successfully penetrate the ground, and under compaction leaves it plush and susceptible to ruts and poor contact, preventing the sod from rooting correctly, and ultimately not surviving. 

Diligently rolling the soil prior to install is a crucial step we painstaking do to avoid any errors before they occur. Your freshly laid soil is rolled with a lawn roller 1-2 times allowing the Landscaping Crew the ability to see where the ruts and humps in the yard are. Taking the time to smooth the humps and fill the ruts will result in a flat elegant yard once the sod is laid. Failing to do this will give the sod a wavy, poor, unprofessional look. 

Fertilizing and Installing Sod

Spreading "Starter Fertilizer" over your compacted soil prior to install is 100% necessary to give your new lawn the boost it needs to root quickly and flourish. 

Laying sod correctly requires attention to detail and patience. We ensure the process is done right by checking every seam, flattening every edge and making sure the cuts are flush with all surrounding hard surfaces.

At Imagine lawns & Landscaping Ltd we ensure you get a professional installation, every time!

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