Winnipeg Landscaping Company. Landscaping in Winnipeg with sod installation, boulders, granite rocks

Winnipeg Landscaping and Sod Install Customer Consultation

Customer Consultation

Our Winnipeg Landscaping system begins with an in depth customer consultation which is an interactive process between us and the landscaping client from the minute the consultation begins through to the completion of the landscaping project.

We follow a 6 Step Landscaping Project System which  creates an environment that develops trust, generates vision and design, resulting in customer satisfaction and excitement about their landscaping project and the transformation of their outdoor living space!

1. Initial Visit

We start with our first visit where the customer lays out their vision and idea for the project they have in mind. We believe in having an upfront discussion about every facet of the job to ensure no detail or process is missed or hidden. 

  • Materials/Choices/Product Knowledge
  • Timeline/Scheduling 
  • Design Options
  • Equipment/Logistics
  • Budget
  • Scope/Size

When laying out the landscaping project, we explain and walk through all of the materials being used and how they come together to build their project. Jobs involving sod, soil, mulch and rocks have numerous stages and considerations along the way that are discussed so the client can make an informed decision on everything that will be involved.

2. Estimate

Once the ideas and scope of the project are decided on, we provide the following to all of our prospective clients for them to review:

  • Material/Plant Image Portfolio
  • Professional Itemized Online Estimate via Email
  • Project Blueprint Design and Layout

3. Project Approval

Once the final touches have been made on the Blueprint design, the materials have been chosen, and the customer wants to proceed with their project, our online estimate platform allows the client to officially "approve" the project to allow us to move forward.

To increase trust in our brand, and to have customer's at ease with their decision, we do not force a down payment to reserve an appointment. Once approval has been given, we only charge 50% down 2-3 days prior to the project beginning. This is done to be able to secure orders and deliveries of the materials which must be placed a couple of days ahead of time to guarantee their reservation to arrive on schedule. 

4. Time Line Projection

It's important that each and ever prospective customer actively decides with us when their project will begin. We believe in being flexible as every client's concerns and personal/family schedule is to be taken into account. We work with each client and our existing schedule to formulate a plan that's convenient.

5. Project Start Day

Landscaping Crews, Equipment and Material Deliveries on any project, from small to large, involve logistics for our company and the family we are working with. All attempts are made to be constantly in touch with our clients while we are working on their property. Whether a project takes a few hours, or 3 days, we will be updating our clients on where we are at, incorporating any updates or amendments, as well as projecting the next days activities. Every customer should know as much about their project as the landscapers doing the work. 

6. Completion Walk-Through

At Imagine Lawns & Landscaping Ltd. we hold customer satisfaction in the highest regard. We ask that all clients make themselves available to be at their home for the completion of their project so we can do a Walk-Through and document the final job and touches for complete satisfaction.  

Landscaping Considerations


Winnipeg Landscaping Services

Winnipeg Landscaping Services. Landscaping in Winnipeg with sod, soil, rocks, mulch. Hardscaping

New Home / Existing Home Landscaping in Winnipeg


Sod Installation/Sod Renovation


Grading and Soil


Perennials and Plants


Mulch / Rocks / Boulders - Softscaping

Coming Soon.

Patios and Walkways - Hardscaping

Coming Soon

Landscaping With Perennials and Plants

Landscaping in winnipeg. Winnipeg landscaping with rock and boulders. Sod Winnipeg.

Landscaping For A New Look

Around driveways and walkways is the first area of a home that becomes brown, patchy and poorly maintained due to many reasons that comes with our harsh Winnipeg climate and winters.

Add a designer Rock Bed with some shrubs or plants to freshen up and revitalize your curb appeal!

Landscaping in winnipeg. Winnipeg landscaping with rock, boulders, mulch and sod! Winnipeg landscape

Exciting Curb Appeal

The addition of Mulch and Shrubs around a front  yard tree or some boulders and perennials in front of your home is a cost efficient and elegant way to boost your curb appeal fast!

landscaping in winnipeg with perennials. Backyard perennials, sod and mulch installation.

Back Yard Beauty

With endless options you can add color and character to any back yard around decks or sitting areas with a few simple options that can suit any property!

Winnipeg Landscaping Company & Sod Installation

Landscaping in Winnipeg - Sod and Creative Design

At Imagine Lawns & Landscaping Ltd we are dedicated to bringing vibrancy and life to your outdoor living spaces by creating personal and unique design features using many varieties of materials. No two people are the same, so the same should be said about properties and the way they look!

The core strength of any successful landscaping company in Winnipeg is identifying a customers budget and coming up with a design that encompasses the right materials in the right format to bring the idea to life and transform your property the way you want it.

During our initial landscaping consultation we want to go into depth with our clients to determine the following criteria:

  • Budget
  • Materials
  • Vision and Idea
  • Logistics and Scope
  • Timeline
  • Post Completion Maintenance

We want to ensure that each and ever client is fully integrated and fully informed in the design process from start to finish. by identifying a clients budget and vision, a client and contractor can design almost's a two way street that creates a successful landscaping project. By being upfront with the budget, each properties logistics, and the scope of what goes into building their outdoor living space, we can blend different materials to make a clients dream space come to life.

Call us today to begin developing your unique and deserved vision!

Landscaping in Winnipeg starting with soil, mulch, perennials, boulders and rock.
Landscaping in Winnipeg starting with soil, mulch, perennials, boulders and rock.

Winnipeg Landscaping Company

Creative Design and Boutique Landscaping

Winnipeg landscaping company. New build homes we use skid steer, mini track loader, shovels.

Want a splash of design or a new feature? Call us today for a free consultation!

Sod Installations for New Build Homes

Sod Installation in Winnipeg. Winnipeg Landscaping. Landscaping in Winnipeg, grading, levelling.

Quality Sod Installations using either Peat Sod or Mineral Soil Sod.

Unique Landscaping with Rock and Boulders

Winnipeg Landscaping Company. Granite Rock Boulders and Sod Installation in Winnipeg.

Renovate your property to impress with a creative design touch to make your home stand out on the block!

Back Yard Renovations

Winnipeg Sod Installation. Winnipeg Sod Company.

Create a luxurious outdoor living space for kids, pets and relaxation!

Walkways & Pathways

Landscaping winnipeg. patios winnipeg. walkways made with rock or mulch with step stones.

Add a touch of color and design to add value and character to any space with a creative walkway!

Maintenance Free Landscaping

Landscaping in Winnipeg with granite rock, lake stone, river rock, limestone and mulch.

We will excavate your existing turf and landscaping and develop a new maintenance free design with Rocks, Mulch and new plants to create a usable and beautiful space.