6 Reasons To Mulch in Winnipeg

Winnipeg Landscaping design with mulch. Chocolate mulch, black mulch, gold mulch, natural mulch chip

Moisture Evaporation

The soil in which you plant your Perennials and Annual alike require constant watering to ensure they remain vibrant and alive. Covering the area with Mulch helps to retain moisture in the soil assisting your plants by creating a highly successful environment for them to thrive in.

Nutrient Regeneration

As Mulch decays and breakdowns it helps to replenish the surrounding soil and plants with compost.

Temperature Control

Here in Winnipeg we reside in a 2-3 Climate Zone with harsh winters and arid summers. Having your Perennials covered by Mulch can help regulate the temperature around any plant to assist in lessening the effects of those harsh conditions.

Block Erosion

Covering an area with Landscape Fabric and Mulch helps contain and protect flowerbeds to prevent hail, rain, wind and winter conditions from disturbing and dislodging soil beds.

Natural Weed Control

Adding Mulch around plants or boarding sodded areas helps create a natural border and blockade for Weeds from germinating.

Pest Control

Pests and insects alike flourish in areas with exposed soil. By adding landscape fabric and mulch you create an undesirable environment for them to live keeping the areas in which you plant free of unwanted guests.

Types of Mulch in Winnipeg

Creative Design and Color for ANY Yard!

Start every winnipeg landscaping project with a mulch border.

Vibrant Borders and Features

Create a colorful surrounding prior to Sod Installation. 

Winnipeg Sod Installation. Landscaping with Mulch in Winnipeg.

Use Mulch around the Perimeters of your yard where grass typically diminishes first.

Mulch in Winnipeg. Winnipeg Sod Installation.

Areas around homes and garages are the areas where grass commonly struggles the most. Add borders and mulch for summer long satisfaction!

Understanding The Benefits Of Mulch

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Healthy Soil for Healthy Plants

Moisture is key for any plant, shrub or tree to thrive in our dry and cold Zone 3 Climate. 

Winnipeg Mulch Installation. Mulch Landscaping in Winnipeg.

Keeping Plants Healthy

Every plant lover wants to keep their shrubs, ornamental bushes and perennials thriving year after year and there is no better way to give them the nutrients, water retention and climate control than with fresh mulch!

Mulch installation with trees, winnipeg landscaping company

Decorative Mulch Landscaping

Mulch applications are an easy way to bring a colorful flare of design and unique curb appeal to any front yard!

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