Yard Cleanups in WinnIpeg - Fall Services

Winnipeg Fall Cleanups - Boutique Lawn Care Service

Fall Leaf and Yard Cleanups in Winnipeg and all of your Fall Lawn Care Services have been made easier than ever with our 3 Levels of Service approach to bringing you the lawn care service YOU need for YOUR home. With our Boutique Service Approach we have 3 Fall Lawn Care Packages to pick from that are customized to fit your needs. Front simply cleaning up the front yard, to full property service complete with Aeration, Over-Seeding and Winter Fertilization Prep, we have it all here with our one stop shop approach to provide our clients with a custom designed package to fit the level of cleanup your home needs! 

Tired of Phoning Multiple Companies for services and prices? NOT with us!

  • Our variety of pre-designed packages offer  the level of service you need with our no -need to price haggle system. We offer upfront pricing and services that are broken down into package prices you can see and understand,

  • Get Online quotes at the tips of your fingers on your mobile device, tablet or laptop with our online request platform. No missed calls or waiting on hold. Communicate back and forth when it's convenient for you! Online ordering made simple and convenient!

Fall Lawn Care  Service in Winnipeg Made Easier Than ever!

Why Choose Us for Your Winnipeg Property Cleanup?

  1. Fair Upfront Pricing with Customized Service Packages to fit YOUR property,
  2. Interactive Online Communication for scheduling and payment,
  3. Professional and Uniformed Staff,
  4. Timely and Reliable Results.


Yard Cleanups In Winnipeg

Basic Fall Cleanup

Winnipeg Property Cleanups. Fall cleanups in winnipeg.

  • Beds connected to the front of the home are blown clean of debris. 
  • Leaves on the front and back lawn are collected and bagged.
  • Final Mow of the Season.
  • Bags are left for city pickup.

Starting at only $149

Enhanced Fall Cleanup

Fall Cleanups in Winnipeg. Fall Cleanup Lawn Service in Winnipeg.

  • Includes all advantages of Basic Service. 
  • All Beds connected to the back of the home are blown clean of debris and leaves. 
  • Bags are left for city pickup.
  • Includes Aeration.
  • Includes Fertilization.

Starting at only $199

Complete Fall Maintenance

Fall Cleanup Service in Winnipeg. Fall cleanups in Winnipeg. Winnipeg Lawn Care Company.

  • Includes all advantages of Enhanced Service.
  • All backyard perimeter beds are blown clean of leaves. 
  • Bags are hauled away.
  • Includes Aeration
  • Includes Over-Seeding
  • Includes Fertilization.
  • Includes Power Edging.

Starting at $269

Lawn Care in Winnipeg

Aeration PLUS Service

  • Core Aeration
  • Fertilization
  • Over-Seeding

All 3 Services starting at only $139

Lawn Care Services Winnipeg

Fall Cleanup Service in Winnipeg. Winnipeg Fall Cleanup Company.

Core Aeration - Starting at $55

The process of pulling 2-3" cores from the ground to counteract soil compaction and enhance the uptake of water, air, sunlight, seed and fertilizer! 

Fertilization - Starting at $45

Application of a balanced fertilizer to keep your lawn green, as well as enhance root growth and root stability to sustain our harsh Winnipeg Winters.

Over-Seeding - Starting at $45

Application of new Lawn Seed over your front and back lawn. Best coupled with Aeration Service which allows the seed the ability to plant and root deeper for more concentrated growth.

Power Edging - Starting at $20

Power Edging is the removal of over grown grass along the sides of concrete driveways and sidewalks by using a mechanical blade to pull back the overgrowth, re-expose the area and restore those fresh clean lines!

Top Dressing Service - Starting at $129

The process of covering your lawn with approximately 1/2" of nutrient rich top soil to regenerate the growth of your lawn. This service is completed with applications of BOTH Fertilization and Over-Seeding to thicken and re-grow any depleted lawn!

Tree Trimming - Upon Request

Add Tree Trimming to any Fall Cleanup Package upon request! We service any trees and shrubs 15' and shorter.

Commonly asked Fall Cleanup Questions

When are Fall Cleanups?

Fall Cleanup Services are between September 25th through to October 31st, weather permitting.

What Day is my Cleanup?

All properties are grouped into routes based on location and first come first serve booking!

We notify our clients a 1-2 days ahead of time with the day their service will be performed.

Do I have to clean my yard first?

No objects will be moved by Imagine Lawns & Landscaping staff, such as garden furniture, trampolines or play structure toys. For a premium clean finish we asked that those objects are placed in a manner so you are satisfied with the resulting cleanup.

What Forms of Payments do you take?

We accept E-Transfer, Credit Card, as well as Cheque or Cash if the homeowner will be at home during their service. 

What is NOT included in our Service?

Removal of large branches and the removal of pine cones and pine needles are not included in the standard services of any packages. BUT upon request, we can tailor any service you need into your package price so your service meets your properties needs!

Pet Waste

We please ask that any pet owners make attempts to clean and clear their pet waste off of the lawn prior to your service being performed.


Core Aeration Service - $55

Aeration Service in Winnipeg - Fall Maintenance


Top Dressing Service